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Every SIX Months? Why Preventive Dentistry is SO Important!

Every SIX Months? Why Preventive Dentistry is SO Important!

Preventive dentistry is by far the best medicine for your oral health. Maintaining great oral health is essential for preventing dental issues from occurring rather than treatment when they arise. The thing is, regular brushing and regular flossing (the proper way...) drastically reduces risk of developing oral disease and necessary restorative treatment. An important thing to remember is that while many people make it a point to brush twice a day, the duration for which they brush is often less than a minute. Most dentists in the bay area, including myself, recommend that a person should brush for at least two minutes.

If a patient see a dentist every six months, most dental problems can be avoided. Therefore, it is important to visit a dentist every six months to detect any problems while they are at a nascent stage. As some of you may know, night guards, especially is you are grinding at night, can prevent damage to you…

A Few Dental Nutrition Tips

Hello Patients!!

A patient asked me last week about nutrition. More specifically, does nutrition affect our dental health? Before you run for your cheeseburger for a serving of meat and dairy, there are some foods that work well for your dental health. So, let's run through a few things that help you maintain proper oral health.

1) Water. Maintaining proper hydration is important for many aspects of your health, but drinking water, especially fluoridated water is the best beverage for maintaining your oral health. Fluoride helps make teeth more resistant to acid attacks that can break down tooth structure and cause cavities to occur. Over 75% of the population has access to fluoridated water.

2) Dairy: Milk, and other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, are low in sugar, which is a good thing for your dental health. Plus, they contain protein and are full of calcium, which can help to strengthen your teeth. So it's perfectly ok to get a little cheezy!!

3)Lean Meat: Phosphor…